As a husband and father I was so impressed with the care my wife received throughout her pregnancy and delivery. Everyone was so caring and thorough. Thank you for such a wonderful  experience!  - James H.


I have been a patient at Mohawk Valley Women's Health for both pregnancy and gyn care. I find the staff and providers to be attentive, friendly and available for all of my needs. - Lisa W.


Thank you for all your help and support throughout my pregnancy and birth. We feel so fortunate to have had such a wonderful team! - Sara R.


I have been a patient of Mohawk Valley Women's Health for about 15 years. I have always loved the care that I have received there. However, after just having my first child I can appreciate the midwives and physicians even more. As most women know pregnancy can be overwhelming and scary at times, especially the first time around. At each of my prenatal appointments not one of my questions seemed silly or irrelevant to the providers. My worries were always put to ease. My delivery was anything but normal. The physicians and midwives kept myself and my husband informed every step of the way as to what was going on at that time and what was yet to come. After several hours of labor and many walks in the hallway my labor was not progressing. My body became very fatigued. My unborn child's heart rate started to decelerate and I needed a cesarean section. The providers explained everything to my husband and I. As scary as all this seemed, I felt reassured every step of the way. Today, I have a healthy baby boy because of the phenomenal care I received from Mohawk Valley Women's Health Associates providers and staff.  - Ondrea B.


Being able to have a midwife in attendance for the delivery of my son was wonderful. I found her guidance and expertise to be very comforting. I feel very fortunate to be their patient. - Marisa Z.


Mohawk Valley Women's Health has been a perfect choice for me since 2002. I followed JoAnn Roberts from a former group to Mohawk Valley Women's Health because of the care she provided during the birth of my child in December 2001. In total JoAnn delivered three of my four children and provided great care and support to myself and my husband during a few unforeseen miscarriages. As a Nurse Practitioner and nurse midwife she provided outstanding medical care but in addition I considered her a coach as well as she barely left my side during my deliveries, or so it seemed. JoAnn showed my husband great compassion and concern as well during my labor and always explained everything that would happen as best she could.  This is likewise for routine office visits.  There are rarely any surprises. The is the same for Dr. Guistra who has cared for my health regarding surgical treatment for endometriosis and most recently (January 2016) a hysterectomy. Dr. Guistra was extremely explanatory of all that I should expect, provided the greatest care and walked me, and my husband, through every step of the process. She never hesitated to contact me when I called the office post operatively with a question and showed great compassion and concern for any question I had for her. I highly recommend this practice to all of my female friends and have for what is now the better part of 14 years. My only daughter who is now 12 years of age, will someday need care in this area will surely be seen by this practice, should they have any openings.  -  Michele M. 


When ovarian cancer surfaced in my family, I was reluctant to follow the advice of many that I needed to be under the care of my own GYN provider. A negative experience years ago made this step a most difficult one for me. It wasn't long, however, before my fears began to fade with the understanding and kindness of Dr Giustra. Her diligence and compassion in caring for and about me has been exemplary, and has helped to safeguard my own health. I am continually thankful for her kindness and the warm support of the friendly staff who surround her. - Dori M.


Dr Desai and his staff have been more than helpful for every visit to their office that I have had. Routine, follow up or expecting my first child, they provided amazing compassion and support through the process. My husband and I felt comfortable to call at any time with any questions we may have and they were more than willing to take the time to speak with us. They would also be sure to call us back within an acceptable time frame. Dr Desai himself is a very personable physician who does not make your visit feel rushed. He takes his time to speak with you as well as ensure all of your concerns and questions have been addressed. His fellow physicians and midwives that work alongside of him are nothing short of professional. They pick up where the other has left off and there is a smooth flow of coverage! I can't say enough about this practice and would recommend anyone to take a chance with Dr Desai! - Ashley M. 


Dr Akl has been nothing short of amazing during my struggle with infertility and prior miscarriages. He is very knowledgeable and always has his patients best interest in mind when making medical decisions. He has always been very understanding and kind, never letting my concerns go unaddressed. I could not be happier with my choice to switch to Dr Akl. He truly goes above and beyond for his patients and the quality of care provided by him and his team in unmatched. I am now anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first child and could not imagine working with a more amazing team of trusted experts!  - Danielle B.


I have been going to the Women’s Mohawk Valley Women's Health Associates for over 2 years. Dr. Akl took the time to really get to know me and understand my concerns and needs. He truly cares! I never felt like I was being rushed during any of my appointments. Renee, one of the nurses, always makes me feel right at home during all of my visits. My experience with this office has always been wonderful and I truly that they all have my best interest at heart! - Anna P.